“What a life journey Roxana Bowgen has had! She has lived on or visited four continents, organized charitable missions, traded stocks, explored Eastern philosophies, and lived both her dreams and philosophy. Like the Agapanthus, she's full of contradictions, but she embraces them, and now she teaches her readers how to find the same strength and creative possibilities in theirs. Agapanthus Rising is truly a book to inspire everyone! - Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and Award-Winning Author of Arthur's Legacy

Yagua Blowgun Skills, Amazon
Rwandan School Children


"This is a profound, timeless, and transforming work— an invaluable source for people everywhere who want to know their purpose and fulfill their destiny.” — Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur


"Are you ready to live a life filled with passion,peace, and purpose? This inspirational story by author Roxana Bowgen will help you see that no matter what your circumstances, each of us has the power to build a richer and more meaningful life.” — Nancy Collamer, Author of Second-Act Careers

Visiting With Masai Leaders, Kenya
Mixing Sand, dirt and cement

"This book is a powerful reminder that the passion and resilience contained within one woman’s dramatic journey can feed the mind, body, and soul of the masses at a time when humanity as a whole is searching for big picture meaning to guide us through our own life challenges.” — Nora Yolles-Young, C.Ht., Author of Healing Effortlessly


"In her book Agapanthus Rising, Roxana Bowgen shows how— by applying the power of your body, heart, mind, and spirit you can rise above your circumstances and become what you are intended to be.”— HC Joe Raymond, Counselor, Coach, Speaker, and Author of Embracing Change from the Inside Out

Mr. Smythe, Costa Rica 2005
Volunteers at Vista De Mar Orphanage, Costa Rica


"Ms. Bowgen’s book takes the mystery out of mysticism. Spirituality begins with rolling up our sleeves and going to work.This is what she has done. I thank her for sharing her life story. It will benefit anyone who reads it.”— Sheila Z. Stirling, Ph.D., Author of Anatomy of Healing and Wellness and the award-winning Love and Illusion


"This life story stretches one’s sense of possibilities. It is filled with examples of how to be successful in business without compromising the calling of your soul.” — Charmaine Lee, Author of Giving Silence a Voice, Speaker, Coach of Coaches

Typical Mode of Transportation in Cochabamba,Bolivia 2004 - 3C
Home in Paradise, Costa Rica



"A brilliantly written and artfully detailed accomplishment that combines narrative and spirituality. This book is destined to be a classic on how to live to one’s highest potential.” — Nicole Gabriel, Author of Finding Your Inner Truth


"Who could have imagined that a spring break trip to Thailand would ultimately lead to the experience of a lifetime? This life-changing journey certainly never would have been possible without the insight, support, and ‘can do’ attitude of such a devoted woman and organization!” — Tracy Cone, Teacher at Eagle Hill School and VOC Volunteer

Thailand Teacher Project
Shucking Beans With Child-Headed Household Siblings, Rwanda

"Roxana’s leadership skills are the kind we should all aspire to! She has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in others, tapping into our desire to rise to a challenge and giving us the confidence to achieve results, all the while gently guiding and encouraging our personal growth. Our collective contributions can be so much more powerful when we work together to make a difference in other people’s lives under the caring leadership of someone like Ms. Bowgen.” — Frances Long, VOC Volunteer



"The message of Agapanthus Rising? You can change any situation. Just listen to the voice within.”— Dana Arias, Author of Dear Parents: From Your Child’s Loving Teacher

High School Seniors Volunteering in Costa Rica
With Yagua Tribe Elders, Peru



"You are your thoughts. What do you think about? This is Ms. Bowgen’s message.” - Celine Horan, Author, Speaker, Coach, Copywriter