Imagine the consequences of always feeling anxious, unfulfilled, overworked, tired and finding little happiness with your material possessions despite society's label of you that says you're "successful."

You wake up one day resentful, angry, bitter, unhappy, abusive, finger-pointing and wondering if this is all there is to life. You start looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

Agapanthus Rising is an introspective book based on adventurous, sometimes dangerous, vignettes from the author’s life. Each chapter is a launching pad to ask yourself life's most important questions. As you journey into your beliefs and mindset something magical begins to happen.  You'll find yourself on the path to self-discovery.




Gain insights, ask questions and put practical advice to work anytime anywhere
Change the way you think, change your life
Relate and engage with the stories
Learn to navigate the Universe so it works for you
Attract abundance
Prove Quantum physics
Confirm what mystics have always known: spirituality and science are two sides of the same coin




Like the Agapanthus flower, which starts as just a seed, we all have an evolution to share with the world. Despite this, we don't always nurture our talents for them to rise to the light. Roxana Bowgen, however, has always felt that humanity’s purpose is to grow.

From modest beginnings to becoming an ascended entrepreneur who believes in giving back, Roxana has found valuable lessons in all experiences which she now shares for the benefit of her readers.

By traveling the world to help others, she’s learned how to give love, support and inspiration that people crave to better their circumstances.

This book lights the way to higher thinking. Through introspective questions at the end of each story, Agapanthus Rising opens doors to self-discovery and advanced consciousness which lead to more fulfilling, successful lives.

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