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True to the Latin, Greek and Persian meaning of the name, Roxana is a light worker. The name means dawn, brightness, first light. In Spanish to give birth is “dar a luz.” But, literally translated, it means to “give the light.” It’s no wonder that Roxana’s greatest contribution is to light a path to new ways of thinking that lead to new beginnings. What you think about you bring about. What will you create with your thoughts?



Ms. Bowgen is a thought leader, influencer, visionary, motivational speaker and ascended entrepreneur. She’s impassioned about expanding consciousness and helping others discover and live their life’s purpose.



Using quantum physics and the Universal Law of Attraction, Ms. Bowgen embodies and teaches evolutionary progress through inner awareness, mindful thinking and the raising of vibrational frequency. The result is seeing and experiencing endless possibilities and creating a new dimension of mass consciousness.  For her, spirituality and mind expansion are two sides of the same coin.


In 2003 Roxana Bowgen founded VOC, Inc., an all-volunteer 501 (c) (3) humanitarian agency. She led service teams to build homes, teach English, work in orphanages and provide relief supplies to Rwanda, Kenya, Peru, Costa Rica, the Caribbean and the United States.

VOC Founder in Her Offices



Born in Peru, Roxana grew up in Beverly Hills, California, and lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. Ms. Bowgen is a quantum physics enthusiast and is drawn to Eastern philosophies.  She hopes to return to India and Nepal to further her studies in yoga and meditation.

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